The ONLY great looking, crushable cap that stores in its own bag.  Travel, sun, sports, and more!

What's a HOTZTM hat?

A lightweight ball cap that can be molded, folded, crushed, soaked, stomped, crumpled, or mashed....... and still look terrific.  Washable, fast drying, and easy to store, the HOTZTM hat is the one hat you will take with you everywhere.  Available in microfiber or brushed cotton.  Adjustable, one size fits most

$19.99 - $24.99

(free shipping)


Putting it on...

Unroll it

Mold it

Rock it

Taking it off...

Roll it

Fold it

Stuff it

Perfect for....

$19.99 - $24.99

(free shipping)

  • Running, cycling, tennis, golf.....pretty much any sports. 
  • Beach goers: keep a few in your beach bag, avoid sunburns!
  • Commuters: keep one in your car.
  • Workouts: the perfect workout hat.
  • Travelers.  Don't crush your other caps, crush ours!   It can take it.
  • Great for tactical applications
  • Corporate gifts (can be embroidered)
  • Promotions:  Advertise your business 



Wash by hand, or toss the HOTZTM hat in the washer.  Lay the wet hat flat and let it air dry.  It dries fast and will look like new.  Roll it up and stuff it back the bag, or put it back on.


You will love your HOTZTM hat

(it might just end up being your favorite cap)

Pick the style for you

(or try one of each)

Microfiber: fast drying, light weight, with a subtle sheen


Brushed Cotton: thicker, softer, luxurious feel, no sheen.  



Why can the HOTZTM hat fold up but still hold its shape?

The HOTZTM uses a special, proprietary foam that has gone through years of testing.  The foam can be folded, crushed, or smashed, and hold its shape once unrolled.

How long can you keep the hat in the bag without taking it out?

You can keep your HOTZTM hat in its bag for 126 years.  We tested it.  Okay, maybe not.  But you can keep it stored as long as you like.  If it has been in the bag for an extended period, it may take a few more minutes to regain its shape once you mold it.

Do you sell other colors?

Not yet, but we will!  Feel free to e-mail us to let us know what colors you would like to see

Can I embroider a logo on the hat?

Yes, and the bag too.  Contact us for more details

Can I buy bulk/wholesale quantities?

Yes!  Please contact us for pricing of bulk quantities. The HOTZ hat makes a GREAT company giveaway.  Logo can go on the hat, bag, or both!