• Unique Crushable Caps

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The take anywhere hat

HOTZ® is the go-to portable sun protection brand.

Perfect lid for many uses!

Great workout hat! I have used this while running outdoors as well as to keep the sweat off during spin classes. Versatile and always returns to form. I have beaten this thing up and it always returns to form!


Great Hat!

Used my HOTZ Hat for the first time last weekend while out for a round of golf! Worked perfectly. Love my new hat!


Great hat!!

Just got this hat delivered. This thing is great! I was skeptical that it could go from being rolled up to a nicely shaped hat but figured I’d give it a try anyway. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It popped right into shape. I travel a lot with my wife and kids and I always bring my worst hat since they always get misshapen in my carry on and wet in the pool. Can’t wait to bring this on my next trip!


Fold it into small size, and easily carry it with you.

The best thing about it is that you can roll it up and carry it in your suitcase or your pocket, then unroll it and it goes back to a hat. Regular caps have a hard bill and you can’t roll them up. They get crushed in your suitcase and take up room. This one doesn’t.


Lost Virginity

I was a virgin until I got my HOTZ Hat. 

Okay, so we made this one up